Certificate in Computer Hardware Maintenance (CCHM)
Duration: 6 Months
Basic Electronics
Digital Electronics.
Basic Hardware Theory.
Construction & Functioning of Different Personal Computer Parts (Monitor, Motherboard, Hard disk, CD-ROM etc.)
Software Installation.
Eligibilty: 10+2 passed / Appeared
Course Fees: Rs. 2800.00 (Rs. 800.00 + 500.00x4Months)

Diploma in Computer Hardware Maintenance (DCHM)
Duration: 12 Months.
The course is divided into two semester of 6 month's each. The course content, fees and others for the 1st semester is same as CCHM.
2nd Semester:
Basic Network Theory.
Network Protocols & Topologyies.
Peer to Peer Networks.
Client-Server Networking.
Setting uo Internet.
Proxy Server Setup.
Network Setup with Windows NT.
Eligibilty: 10+2 passed/Appeared
Course Fees: Rs. 2800.00 +3200.00 = 6000.00
Fees to be paid for during the 2nd semester is Rs.3200.00 (1200.00 + 500.00x4Months)

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